Special thanks for all those who came along, it was really nice meeting you all, hope to see you again soon x

Minutes First meeting of the Birmingham Social Centre

Venue, the Whitmarley

Update on projects
Free space – 1st public meeting room is ready however it needs more table and chairs, room bookings to be advertised online, shortly

Tea room and Libary – are now running and open daily 10am-5pm
Free shop – area has been cleared and readied, donations are being accepted
Free School – appropriate spaces are being constructed, however the tutition services are still being offered as a home visit service.
Food not bombs – concerns from Ivy Road residents mean this service will be not operating.


Acoustic gig open mic – local residents should be canvased and ask for permision to run a early evening acoustic gig at the Whitmarley, weekly from september. Working group formed to action.

Community Garden and open Gardening day – the unused carpark space out the frount, will be transformed into a community gardens over a series of open gardening days, starting with Saturday the 30th.

Street Composter – the Social centre will set up a composter in the car park area for Ivy Road residents to use to make compost for their gardens.

Skills share workshops, gardening and DIY computing skills to be shared with regular seminars, working group formed to action.
Stirchely against the cuts teusday the 26th of July, members encouraged to attend.

Childrens events – storytelling and free school days planned for September working group set up to work on project.

Next meeting – the open public meetings are to become regular events happening every fornight at 7pm – 8:30pm. The next meeting will be on friday the 5th of august.

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