Update from us, hope to see you soon x

Free School: it was decided in the meeting that tthe free school should be more practical based rather than academic. could you change it so that it calls for people to “skill share” as well mentioning academic tutoring. Most people also didn like the term free school as it wasnt obvious that it was ironic.

in the ‘skill share’ section can you put:

weekly classes starting sat 20th Aug at 1pm
learn: Peyote Stitching, crochet, hemp jewellery making, beaded jewllery etc. CONTACT LAURA 07722983883

learn how to journey as you ancestors did, to connect with your spirit guides and ask for healing information
A series of workshops with Liz Adie
tues 16th, 23rd and 30th aug 6.30-8.30pm

PHOTOS: if you look up preclusion on flickr there are pics from the exhibition. could you put them on the website?

Film Night: Free Feminist Film Weekend Fri 12th, sat 13th, sun 14th a weekend of feminist films at the whitmarley social centre (i’ts not for defo yet. ill fb with the rest of the info times etc)

Open Mic Night: – First Open Mic night is planned for Saurday September 10th. Acoustic music, poetry and story telling

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