The third social centre meeting (made it to three woop!)

at the meeting it was agreed.

we will be setting up Book group – first wednesdays 🙂 of every month, intial meeting wednesday the 7th of september.

Green and black cross the social centre should host a green and black cross training meeting, with the aim of setting up a green and black cross group in birmingham to support Birmingham activists.

The group felt that that it should be well promoted and be linked into the liberal democrat conference, as part of the run up to the conference.

We should promote a legal observer service on the website.

Next Art exhibition Friday the 2nd of September

BBQ and Pinic 29th of september

things to do on the day

painting mural, create a childrens drawing wall.

kids stuff in the cinema.

set up a wheely obstical race area for kids and big kids.

paper plane contest.

family space, space has been decided on at the meeting and is now being contructed by the residents. put a call out particularly for toys and carpets.

open mic night The night is if the orignal organisers do not wish to continue being moved back a week with a new person taking a lead on the new night on the 15th of september

the social centre will be putting on a Tar sands fundraiser event in october

noted 14th 16th 17th of october, beaver lake comunuity are visiting.

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