Come and demonstrate at the Lib Dem conference 18th September Birmingham!

The national campaign against fees and cuts is organising convergence (and crash) space for anti-Lib Dem conference action which has already been reclaimed. The Birmingham Social Centre is ready to be a base for the start of another autumn of anti-austerity direct action by students and workers.

What the the NCAFC space will provide for you!

Between the 15th -21st of September the social centre will be open providing.

A base for affinity group action, if you want to come and take action at
the liberal democrat conference around the TUC organised national demo on the 18th. Come down to the occupied convergence space on the 16th of September, where you can meet likeminded activists and get direct
action training and legal support from NCAFC activists.

Food and accommodation, come to space bring a sleeping bag, don’t worry if you don’t have money we will keep you feed and give you a roof for the duration of the conference.

Training and workshops

On Saturday the 18th the day before the TUC march, a number of sessions will take place, with skill sets aimed to help activists attending the march go back to their campuses with the ability to organise strong

Timetable for Saturday 18th

Room 1:Organising occupations and direct action
Room 2: Where is HE going? Understanding the White Paper

17:30: Dinner
Room 1 How to build and sustain an anti-cuts group
Room 2: How to win a student election
19:30 Public debate, what next for the student movement?

The location is the Birmingham Social centre. Directions can be found here at

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Two Big Events This weekend.

Green and Black Cross Legal Observer Training

Saturday 10 September 2011 – 1.00-5.30 pm (with tea breaks)

Come along to the Legal Observer training if you are interested in getting involved in the legal aspects of actions and protests. As a Legal Observer, you’ll be making lots of notes about arrests and other incidents, you’ll find witnesses, and you’ll monitor police behaviour. In this extensive training, you learn how to position yourself, what sorts of things to look for and some basics about the law. Legal Observers are consistently very key to helping people at protests, whether that is by handing out key legal advice on bust cards or finding witnesses.

More info about gbc can be found at :

The Battle for Stirchley

This Sunday, 11th September, we will be going ahead with our plans to take over the proposed ASDA site for a couple of hours and turn it into a sports field and community garden. The plan is to meet at Birmingham Social Centre (Whitmarley, Ivy Rd), from 1pm, and head onto the site. Bring a picnic.

If you want to take part in a football match, please wear suitable clothing and does anyone have a football they don’t mind being kicked about on concrete? Also we’ll need something to mark out goal posts if you have any ideas on that front…

If you want to take part in gardening bring any tools, compost, and plants/seeds you can spare. We’ll build some raised beds out of bricks available on the site. 

The space already has DIY Skatepark being built on site so feel free to bring a board.

There may be a press photographer there, but if not we’ll take some of our own photo’s and send them to the press – please bring your camera’s!

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Come down at 18:00 Friday the 2nd of September for our launch night, wine and cheese provided. ART-MART will then be open 9-5 for a week.

Come down at 18:00 Friday the 2nd of September for our launch night, wine and cheese provided. ART-MART will then be open 10am-5pm for a week.

Taking place in the Birmingham Social Centre a squatted factory, soon be demolished to make way for another WAL-MART owned ASDA super complex!

Instead of a Wal-Mart we give you ART-MART showcasing some of Birmingham’s best artists. ART-MART is like WAL-MART except the polar opposite. While WAL-MART creates dead spaces; vacuums of community and culture, ART-MART is refuge of culture and community in a city that is having its arts Budget cut and cut again.

Come down at 18:00 Friday the 2nd of September for our launch night, wine and cheese provided. ART-MART will then be open 10am-5pm for a week.

We have oodles of room to display more art and we want more in, so tell your friends, lovers and brothers about the event and get them to put their art in!

The whole thing is being organised in a rather anarchic manner, just turn up and find a space for your art and get displaying! Make sure it’s all in by 5:00pm on Friday the 2nd of September.

Email if you have any questions.

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The third social centre meeting (made it to three woop!)

at the meeting it was agreed.

we will be setting up Book group – first wednesdays 🙂 of every month, intial meeting wednesday the 7th of september.

Green and black cross the social centre should host a green and black cross training meeting, with the aim of setting up a green and black cross group in birmingham to support Birmingham activists.

The group felt that that it should be well promoted and be linked into the liberal democrat conference, as part of the run up to the conference.

We should promote a legal observer service on the website.

Next Art exhibition Friday the 2nd of September

BBQ and Pinic 29th of september

things to do on the day

painting mural, create a childrens drawing wall.

kids stuff in the cinema.

set up a wheely obstical race area for kids and big kids.

paper plane contest.

family space, space has been decided on at the meeting and is now being contructed by the residents. put a call out particularly for toys and carpets.

open mic night The night is if the orignal organisers do not wish to continue being moved back a week with a new person taking a lead on the new night on the 15th of september

the social centre will be putting on a Tar sands fundraiser event in october

noted 14th 16th 17th of october, beaver lake comunuity are visiting.

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The Third meeting

Fancy getting involved in the Birmingham Social Centre? We are about to have our third fortnightly organising meeting. Come along it starts at 7pm in the WhitMarley.

please come equipped with all kinds of pipe dreams x


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International BBQ and picnic on August 29th bank holiday

Got nothing planned for your bank holiday? Want to spend a day chilling with all sorts from across Brum. Come along to our International themed BBQ and picnic to share all kinds of foods from lots of different cultures.

The day’s festivities start at midday and food will be served at 1pm, with lots of fun and games throughout the day. In the community garden and the social centre itself, include events for young children.

More details of the activities will be announced  shortly, hope to see you along 🙂

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Update from us, hope to see you soon x

Free School: it was decided in the meeting that tthe free school should be more practical based rather than academic. could you change it so that it calls for people to “skill share” as well mentioning academic tutoring. Most people also didn like the term free school as it wasnt obvious that it was ironic.

in the ‘skill share’ section can you put:

weekly classes starting sat 20th Aug at 1pm
learn: Peyote Stitching, crochet, hemp jewellery making, beaded jewllery etc. CONTACT LAURA 07722983883

learn how to journey as you ancestors did, to connect with your spirit guides and ask for healing information
A series of workshops with Liz Adie
tues 16th, 23rd and 30th aug 6.30-8.30pm

PHOTOS: if you look up preclusion on flickr there are pics from the exhibition. could you put them on the website?

Film Night: Free Feminist Film Weekend Fri 12th, sat 13th, sun 14th a weekend of feminist films at the whitmarley social centre (i’ts not for defo yet. ill fb with the rest of the info times etc)

Open Mic Night: – First Open Mic night is planned for Saurday September 10th. Acoustic music, poetry and story telling

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